Fall 2017 Metrics Update

Posted in Uncategorized on September 11th, 2017 by Rodney

How bad is it?  How would you describe a “woops” – a security incident?  We have a new metric now.  If Brian Krebs calls your security incident response a dumpster fire then you probably really screwed up.  This is not a new term.  The Wall Street Journal documented it in 2016.  IIRC it’s not been used for cyber, before now.

Unannounced Vendor Remote Access? Is that really a good thing?

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The vendor remotely updated owners’ vehicles.  No warning, no announcement, no text messages.

Is that really a good thing?  Is it ok if your vendor just logs into your site and starts tweaking things?



Speaking at ASIS 2010 Dallas

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Rodney is speaking at ASIS 2010 (Dallas), Tuesday (Practical Measures…
to Protect your Physical Security Networks, with Ray Bernard) and
Wednesday (Advanced Persistent Threats, with David Morgan.)