Where all the cool kids shop

I stopped in to Harbor Freight Tools today.  Cheap tools, camping gear you wouldn’t mind trashing if you went to the playa in August, and good solid mid/low quality Chinese-manufactured motorized tools are always available there.  And some oddball things.  Like fake security cameras.

I felt slightly guilty tossing a fake camera in my shopping cart but, hey, it’s 7 bucks.  I can use it as a prop at ASIS in Dallas or something.

I go to check out and there’s a fellow in line in front of me wearing a Bay Alarm uniform.  I *think* he was just buying batteries, but I still think it’s good to know that high-end security installers in my area show at places that sell fake security cameras.  I was wearing a Black Hat shirt, too.  Nothing at all sketchy about me buying fake security cameras…

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