Model Views from Model Cameras

Here’s the fake camera I bought in the store the other day, when I found myself standing in line behind the other physical security installer dude 😉

It’s a “Bunker Hill Security” Item 95154 (warning: imitation camera, do not use for actual security monitoring purposes blah blah blah…) (800 number on documentation is Harbor Freight Tools’ order status line) camera.

It might be a fake but the package clearly documents it uses two 1.25 inch phillips head wood screws and has two 1/4 diameter holes with 5/32 slots. It doesn’t document that the two mounting holes are about 2 inches apart but this does indeed count as useful installer documentation, so this product, for what it claimed to do, gets a “doesn’t suck” rating on installation.

Remember that the next time I get grumpy whilst looking for a nut driver appropriate for YOUR IP video cameras…

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